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Artificial Grass Silk Masterbatch

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Product Iintroduction

Hamnow / Zhongte has mature experience in the production of artificial grass masterbatches and provides professional anti-aging solutions. The series of grass masterbatches produced by Hamnow / Zhongte have good dispersion performance, heat resistance, good weather resistance, bright color, excellent plasticizing performance, good brightness, and resistance to high-intensity sports wear, and our products have a wide range of colors and can be customized according to customers' color requirements.

Artificial grass fiber material needs to bear the high intensity of sports wear and tear and face the harsh climate change, so artificial grass fiber material should have high performance i.e. durability and weather resistance. Our high quality artificial grass masterbatches can give artificial grass color and luster simulation, which can enhance the spectacle of intense games and humanistic care for athletes.

Product Technical Indexes
Physical Form:Granular Round Column(¢3×3mm)Migration-Resistant:Level 4-5
Colour:Color matching according to customer requirementsWeather Resistance:Level 5-8
Moisture Content:≤0.2%Acid And Alkali Resistant:Level 4-5
Color Difference:Control according to customer requirements
Advantage Performance

Migration-Resistant:Maintain the chemical stability of the pigment, so as to enhance the stability of the color of the artificial grass yarn, and not to occur color precipitation migration;

Weather Resistance:Enhance the service life of artificial grass yarn, can keep the color in outdoor for 3-5 years without changing color;

Acid And Alkali Resistant:Withstand harsh climate changes and resist acidic and alkaline environments such as acid rain;

Improves The Breaking Tension Of Grass Yarn:Resistant to high-intensity sports wear and tear, maintaining tensile strength for more than 5 years without weakening;

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