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Color Masterbatch For Cable

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Product Iintroduction

Hamnow / Zhongte focuses on the middle and high-end color masterbatch market, rooted in the wire and cable industry, with full product coverage in the fields of automotive wire, electronic wire, communication, network wire, optical fiber cable, industrial equipment wire, etc. We can customize color masterbatches for various plastic base materials such as PE, PVC, PP, low smoke and halogen-free, silane cross-linked, PBT, PET, TPU, TPE, TPEE, PA, FEP, etc. We have rich experience in color matching and application for special materials such as TPU, TPEE, PA6, PA12, etc. according to customers' requirements.

The color standard can refer to Pantone, Raul RAL, Munsell Munsell and other color cards or according to the customer sample to match, can meet the customer various such as temperature resistance, weather resistance, migration resistance and other special requirements. It can be applied to all kinds of electronic wires and cables, including high-speed wires and thin-walled wires, etc. It is widely used in the fields of high-speed extruded communication cables, medium and high-voltage cables, indoor and outdoor distribution cables and optical cables, data cables, automobile wires, electronic wires, etc. It has no breakdown, no particle points and color bars, good dispersion, and can realize some functions such as anti-UV aging at the same time as coloring.

Product Technical Indexes
Physical Form:Granular Round Column(¢3×3mm)Weather Resistance:Level 5-8
Color:Color matching according to customer requirementsAlkali Resistance:Level 3-5
Water Content:≤0.2%Material:PE, PVC, EVA and other corresponding substrates
Color Difference:Control according to customer requirements, internal control standard △E≤1.0Environmental Requirements:Our products meet the environmental standards of their respective categories
Migration-Resistant:Level 4-5
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