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Anti-Rodent And Anti-Termites Masterbatch

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Product Iintroduction

Anti-Termites Masterbatch

9001-FT-EVA products contain highly effective antitermite agents, and the actual use of the addition ratio is low. And it has good dispersion in many types of cable sheathing materials at present (e.g. LSZH, PVC, PE, etc.), which has less influence on the electrical properties of cables. The products are all made of environmentally friendly and efficient raw materials, which have less pollution to the environment. It can meet the testing requirements of group method and ant nest method. The new 9015- FT-EVA, 9050- FT-EVA and other ant-proof masterbatches developed by the company can be suitable for the control requirements of different countries and regions.

Anti-Rodent Masterbatch

The special anti-rodent agent contained in 9002-FT-EVA protects the oral mucosa and gustatory nerves of rodents from strong irritation and prevents them from chewing and cutting the cable. 9002-FT-EVA has good dispersion in many types of cable sheathing materials (e.g. LSZH, PVC, PE, etc.) by combining the rodent inhibitor with the appropriate amount of carrier resin. 9002-FT-EVA is made from carefully selected raw materials and is used in a low proportion to minimize the impact on the electrical properties of cables. This is also the best performance and cost effective solution to prevent rodents in the industry, using different proportions of addition can achieve the requirements of the national standard of grade 1 and 2.

Anti-Rodent And Anti-Termites Masterbatch Product Technical Index
No.No.Technical Indicators
2Volume density0.6±10%g/cm³
3Specific Gravity1.4±10%g/cm³
5Heat stability240℃(No significant color change at this temperature for 5 minutes)

Recommended Ratio:Anti-rodent≥3%, anti-termites≥2%


Precautions For Use

1、Because this product has a strong smell during high temperature extrusion processing, it has a certain irritation to the respiratory tract, so you should pay attention to protection when using it and keep the ventilation of the production environment.

2, it is recommended to use matching gloves to avoid direct contact; after use, promptly wash with soap and water.

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