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Product Iintroduction

Color oil, also called liquid color master batch, is a liquid pigment concentrate without resin carrier. During the preparation of color oil, the pigments are ground and sheared with high intensity through multiple processes, and the pigment particles are gradually refined and the large particles are crushed to ensure the uniformity of color dispersion, and also to improve the coloring power and covering power. Compared with the traditional solid masterbatches, the addition ratio of color oil is greatly reduced, generally 20%-50% of the corresponding masterbatch addition.

Color oil is an important supplement to the product line of domestic and foreign color masterbatch manufacturers, and its application prospects will be more promising in the future as the pressure on environmental protection increases.

Color Oil Product Performance

Test ItemsPerformance ParametersInstruments
Appearance StatusVisual inspection of the state in the containerUniform state, no obvious stratification, sinkingVisually
Color ControlsMeasuring the color of the board and comparing the color difference▲E ≤0.5Injection molding machine, colorimeter
Scrape the card to measure the color and compare the color difference ▲E ≤0.5Applicator, colorimeter
DispersibilityObservation with microscopeUniform distributionMicroscope
Particle SizeParticle sizeD(0.5)≤15µmParticle size meter
Fineness≤20µmFineness plate
MobilityViscosity≤5000 mPa·SViscometer
Moisture ContentWater content≤500 ppmMoisture Determination Instrument
Environmental IndicatorsAPEO0Theory 0 add
Heavy Metals0

The Product Is Compliant With The RoHS Directive

Product features and advantages

Excellent dispersion, uniform and stable color, bright color, and more suitable for high translucent products than masterbatches.

Cost-effective, low addition ratio: 0.1-0.5% for transparent series, 0.3-3.0% for pearlescent / solid series.

The color change is quick and time saving, no cross contamination, and can realize automatic material supply.

Database online color matching, colorful, fast color mixing, the company's unique advantage in large color.

Wide versatility, suitable for most materials such as PE/PET/PBT/PA/PP/PVC/ABS/PC/TPU/EVA/PLA, etc., and suitable for both injection molding and spinning end of the process.

Multifunctionality such as antibacterial, aging resistance, flame retardant and high transparency can be achieved according to actual needs.

Product Applications

Bottle blanks, caps, food packaging boxes and other fields, mainly used for beverage bottles body caps (colored transparent), milk bottles (white opaque), food bottles or caps packaging.

Packaging materials for household products, medical products, cosmetics, etc.

Coloring field for products with high transparency requirements such as swimming goggles and sunglasses

Coloring of products with high pigment dispersion requirements such as 3D printing, seals, records, etc.

Carpet yarn, wig yarn, lawn yarn, clothing fabric and other textile product coloring fields

Product Application Equipment

There is a special intelligent color oil machine designed for the use of color oil, and connected to the PLC automatic production line. The intelligent color oil machine will adjust the metering speed and metering time of the metering pump according to the three parameters of product mold weight, color oil ratio and dissolving time input by the user, and then combine with the metering capacity of the color oil machine itself to achieve the purpose of proportional addition. Easy to clean, just replace the delivery hose when changing colors.

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